I filled out an application on a computer. I didn’t answer the question: Would a person steal murder and rape if they could get away with it? At the orientation I was informed people will steal and murder and rape if they can get away with it and that it happened more often than not.
The nannies and I had to buy our own white pants and white shirt uniforms. The executives didn’t want to supply uniforms when chances are the employee will be let go. They did however pay for the lab fee to have our urine tested for a rare disease.
I waited for hours in the company of dejected employees. I was ushered to a back room by nanny 7 in a white lab coat. I placed my belongings in a small safe.I peed in a cup and gave it to nanny 7 who looked unconvinced.
Nanny 7 came with her boyfriend from Oklahoma and decided not to complete a semester at City college since she was going to the island of Lesbos for the summer. She worked at another job part time because she liked the general manager. She was obese. Her sharp upper teeth crowded her mouth. She was a perfectionist. Everything had to work as it should, albeit by her rules.
I found the nannies to be extremely particular. They became distraught when I didn’t follow the trainer’s code. When something went wrong unexpectedly they were at a loss. They weren’t good at problem solving when it couldn’t be addressed by the trainer’s code. They feared losing favor with the executives and were by far more
defensive than helpful. They had their duties and weren’t willing to work as a team. When something untoward happened at someone else’s station, a baby may have had discolored stool or vomited, they informed the executives who disposed the nanny.
Nanny 8 had pendulous breasts. She wore a red t-shirt over her white shirt. She nursed some of the babies with her own milk. She had recently given birth to twins. She was verbose and explosive and had an old fashioned sensibility. I thought she sounded like she was from the South, but she said she wasn’t from there and didn’t say where she had originated. She studied business administration at a local college.
Nanny 9, there was a Nanny 9 even though there were only 8 nannies( I think she may have been Nanny 6), studied criminal justice. She was very large and could have beat a big grown man senseless. She had a ponderous look but didn’t obsess.
I liked to make her laugh which was easy to do since she was attracted to me and thought that I was unpredictable. As the team leader of the nannies she was aware that she had to be cool headed. She had worked for the FBI in Indonesia where she had  been introduced to skinny brown eyes and coffee. She had been very kind to me.  I worried about her when she defaced a statue in the no gender clothing aisle apposite the electronic section.
The executives were in a class war with the nannies.They installed cameras in the break room. I never saw the executives eat with the floor staff. The one
white employee I saw there, who worked on the floor and wasn’t an executive, kept to himself.