Any avid cardplayer would be profoundly intrigued by the following designs by Mr.Mead, and I am no exception. Also, don’t you find this Art Shot jives quite well with our recent Tarot card post?

playing card design called Wolf King by Mr.Mead UK

playing card design called swan queen by Mr.Mead UK

Beyond these awesome card designs Mr.Mead is quite a prolific artist. Here’s the story behind his inspirations:

“Mr Mead is a fine artist & illustrator, inspired by Koji Morimoto, Shaun Tan and Remi Wyart. He is also influenced by the emerging surrealist American contemporary art scene. Mr Mead is a traditional artist working in pen & ink mediums, often applying his practice to large scale character based pieces on reclaimed wood. He is a permanent resident at the long established Jamaica Street Studios, where he works feverishly in his chaotic attic on the rooftop of the Bristol art scene. The artist is driven by his obsession and childhood fear of anthropomorphism. His work is a cathartic process to release his inner nightmares, after viewing at a premature age ‘The Tales of Beatrix Potter’, a 1976 Royal Ballet film by BAFTA nominated director Reginald Mills.” –

Mr.Mead's jack card design featuring Mammoth Jack

Mr.Mead's jack card design featuring Leopard Jack

Snatch a glimpse of Mr.Mead’s process:

a deck of playing card designs by mr.mead