A Surreal Painting by Michael Page (Artwork)

On February 12th, the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco opened the latest solo exhibition of new work from Michael Page. The show is entitled “Into Passing” and features new work that marks a shift in the artists style and direction. When I first saw the work of Page, his paintings were still beautifully rendered, however they were more illustrative and “controlled” then these new works are. The figurative elements are still present in these new images, although they are immersed in a sea of color and abstract shapes and lines. Looking at each painting in person, which I always recommend, the paint seems to glow and give forth more intricate details than one would imagine. Many of the colorful lines of painting are also applied with a thick “impasto” technique, something that really gives the surface of the painting more depth.

If these new series of works is an indication of what we will see in the coming years from Page, I for one will be keeping an eye out for any new art that is released. Check out the full show here: http://www.shootinggallerysf.com/

A Surreal Painting by Michael Page (Artwork)A Surreal Painting by Michael Page (Artwork)A Surreal Painting by Michael Page (Artwork)