I see your first ever full length album will be released later this summer. How did the process of writing and producing an LP compare to doing an EP?
An LP is a much more involved process than an EP. For us, at least, there’s more of a focus on demonstrating the ability to maneuver and maintain interest and produce a feeling over the course of the record, where an EP is more able to stand alone as just a few songs.

Did the process of working on a full length change your sound?
I don’t think we consider ourselves as having a token sound or a vibe about us, and maybe that’s just because we’re still very young as a band. We try to approach every song differently and from the perspective of letting the song dictate the instrumentation. In that regard there’s a lot of variety on the new record, and I think it helps us come across as not having any particular sound or feeling that we rely too heavily on.

How long have you been working with Paper Garden Records? How has that relationship helped you?
We’ve been working with Paper Garden for about seven months now. They’re a great resource, a great team, and above all great people. It’s helped living in the same city as them, for sure, and it’s been good for us to be able to get together, bond, and in the end mutually benefit over music.

You’re playing at NXNE in Toronto this week. Have you ever played this event before? What are you hoping to get out of the experience?
We’ve never been to NXNE or Canada before, so we’re looking forward to it. I don’t think we’ve got any expectations except that we’re going to have a fun time playing for new and different people.

Conveyor is based in Brooklyn, but your facebook page says “spawned by the fated juncture of a wandering tarot of musicians in Gainesville, FL.” Are you all from Florida?

How did Conveyor come to be?
The mysterious and cohesive power of music.

How does the music scene in your hometown compare to NYC?
Gainesville, FL is a much smaller town with a little more of an incestuous music scene. In that regard I think it’s superior, because you get the opportunity to play in a very open, encouraging environment with a ton of different talented musicians. NYC is definitely more competitive with more emphasis on staying relevant and hip and unique. At the same time, you get the opportunity to be in an even more talented and motivating environment. It’s like the big leagues.

As a musician what would you say to your younger self now?
“Yes, it’s worth it.”

Is it all worth it?
See above.

What’s coming up for Conveyor this summer?
A huge national summer tour with dates across the U.S. Check out papergardenrecords.com or conveyorisaband.com for more info.

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