Thousands of knees (bent)
Thousands of breaths (taken)
Fallen, gasped air for the last
Beats of hearts` nearing end of a shortened journey
Palpitating in victorious rhythm of triumph over
momentous struggle
Battle for freedom
Blood shed
How many of these soldiers were known?
Names long forgotten, yet throughout time consistently reminisced
Etched in stone monuments
of concrete slabs (resting in deathly slumber, are our troops)
Laden with colorful wreaths of young girls’ weaved flowers
Remembrance for what the fallen fought
Glory days, a war for rights (and peace)
we all now claim to possess
A price by thousands upon thousands of bodies paid
Thanks to our fallen heroes
for unselfish souls and shared equal belief
in freedom for all
Bands strike up music of country anthem celebrate
Drums beat in honour
Memory of victorious unified echoes
in gratitude to brave young hearts, sacrificed (souls)
for the exigent necessary forward of
freedom for future times

(Victory cries, ringing throughout the ages;
Regrettable loss of lives, a forever forged membrance
Honoured appreciatively in present are heroes of olden wars,
which once heralded an approach of New Age Vision,
this modern free thinking concept.)