Our ancestors shining through us,
Everyone of your cells is the eye of your great grandpa
and the others of your blood that worked so hard to get you here.

It might be strange to you now,
where you feel like courage of elders and sweat of ancestors disappeared.
Well,forgive it and give it the truth it deserves!

Everyone of those parts of the circle and how many times it mingles and comes back,
in the same shape,different story.This is your body now!
So it’s all for you to set your ways and see where you want to be,
what you want to see and make of this great responsability.

Imagery…Sure,If you may!
Feel your tears dripping out of your eyes,
like when the sea sparks out of me.

Feel Gaia singing sweet blue night,
accessing your heart and making you light.
Whispering the truth of this beautiful sight~

This is immortality in a new wave of discovery.
Planetary guardians seem to be here,you see.
They are keeping us company
and just in case we get bored,
remind us of our ancestry, where the power of love
leads the way and goes on…in a pattern of hearts
coming back to you through the kitchen sink.
Can you see the link?

Where you send the power of your heart to reach out for lovers
of all kinds .Lovers ready to be one.

Planetary ,you see this is the reality..that took a new mentality
of magic and community.

Sorry for all the mess, sorry for all the distress
Today I bow down and say: Mama Bless~