f complains about not having privacy because she doesn’t have the income that would allow her to live alone.

f has a thin long penis. she looks at video porn on her iphone. she likes to see men masturbate and ejaculate.
f takes the two pills the assistants take. the assistants are on adderall. she takes one that is square. there isn’t a white one left. she makes a mental note to get new white pills and to take one. when she forgets she gets drowsy and unsteady.
f has an ocular migraine. she feels dizzy. she lies down for twenty minutes. she has a coffee and a coca cola.
f may become an assistant to y. no one has seen what he looks like or when they have they forget what he looks like. an assistant who was detained and questioned thought that the reason why no one can remember what he looks like is because he has many authors. they don’t remember what happened when they were with him. after they have done what he has told them to do they don’t remember y having instructed them. they simply draw a blank and can’t recall.
y has ten assistants. they live with him. when he doesn’t need them they starve themselves. he hopes that assistant 4 doesn’t sense that he’s going to release her. she doesn’t have the same appetite that she had when she started working for him ten years ago. he may transfer her to the second floor. they should be able to use her. she still has her obsession to save the poor. they can have her collate the archive.
f gave a woebegone elderly woman who didn’t want to live a shot. her son was a terrorist. f believed less in death after she had seen the elderly woman die. it was like nothing had happened. she wants to put someone else out of his misery.

i talk about their suffering. i’m happy for the suffering. i’m right to espouse suffering. i don’t feel safe if I’m not suffering on some level and managing it. f will suffer as much as myself, even more if she really goes for it. she doesn’t have much of a choice, as far as I can see, she has been in between things and hasn’t been indecisive for some time. i’m ready to lead them, never having led a group this size before. they have been led by y and they have gotten far, but not far enough, not the whole way and the experiment is worthless if it isn’t taken as far as one can take it. i’m the one to take it all the way. carl who hasn’t been here for most of the year is present. dan who I thought was going to be released said that he hasn’t been around for a long time and that he needs to be with us. he broken three fingers. he misses his wife. she left him for another man who had been looking for a lover and hadn’t had any success in finding one. f looks like she is doing well. she had her teeth whitened. she had her breasts reduced. i fucked her for the good of the group. she’s ready to follow me. maybe i can save her from y. i like her. i want to find her a lover who will agree to give her to me when I want her. she has the most beautiful cock. i’m sad janet has a patient in hospice who is going to die within the week. the skin on her aging face looks like a chemical peel.  janet creeps me out when she talks about sexual abuse. she wants to have the children observed by two adults when they go to the bathroom so that one adult can be observed by the other. brian has lost parts of his nose and ears to skin cancer. he has gained more weight. brian misses his two children. they went with their mother. most likely he will leave us. he may even tell the authorities what he knows, which isn’t much. the young woman with the thin legs came to us from san fran.