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February 21, 2014

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Nothing to Remind Me

Fiction by Scott Solomon. A group of friends take a road trip to a college party but run into some obstacles—and some self-reflection—along the way.

Fiction, Literature

Hit Film ‘So Young’ Impresses the Chinese New York Film Festival Audience

The directorial debut of Chinese celebrity actress Zhao Wei, this frenetic, yet gleeful film tells the story Zheng Wei and her college crush.

Film, Reviews

Heaven Can Wait

A beautiful love letter to dance and the relationships that blur the lines of fleeting and everlasting.

Literature, Memoir
Book Review: “Geronimo Rex” by Barry Hannah

Book Review: “Geronimo Rex” by Barry Hannah

Barry Hannah sings a drunken ode to youth, beauty and the power of language.

Books, Reviews

Jane Austen by name, Badass Hipster Rebel by Nature

By the time Jane Austen reached 23 years of age, she had accomplished many things. This includes writing some short works known as her Juvenilia...

Books, Reviews
17th century Elizabethan age illustration

{POETRY} To Shakespeare’s ‘O Mistress Mine

If a mother bore a son To love a mistress whenas time shall come Then the man that fathered me Shouldst hath let a son to be Thro' youth maiden not to wander An

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} College Boys

What is it that dashes out of the marble front gate, galloping and flooding in your direction, irresistible? Beyond the gate, the college is a building of

Literature, Poetry

Mixy: Peterborough Poet Laureate

In 2010 Mixy became the youngest person and first ever rapper to gain the title of ‘Peterborough Poet Laureate’.

Art, Interviews, Poetry
Art Shots: Pat Perry is Young At Heart

Art Shots: Pat Perry is Young At Heart

Artist and Illustrator Pat Perry shows that he is, indeed, young at heart with his images of youth, rebellion, distraction and disturbance.

Art, Art Shouts
Poetry - Bitch

Poetry – Bitch

Literature, Poetry

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