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March 6, 2012

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Conjoint Words in the Age of Pixels

CoverCake. BlackBerry. TweetDeck. HootSuite. MySpace. GrubHub. Were Rip van Winkle to rouse from his sleep on today’s date, and encounter the above words, he may well take them to be...

Culture, Digital

“Gravity’s Rainbow” by Thomas Pynchon

Pynchon puts most other writers to shame with “Gravity’s Rainbow,” his surreal, mind-melting, madcap romp through post-war Europe.

Books, Reviews

{REVIEW} SWIMMINGLY | Cheever Channels Kafka in his “Collected Stories”

It’s a kind of voyeuristic pleasure to read a compilation of stories written over an author’s entire career, especially an author as talented and hard-working as John Cheever.

Books, Commentary, Literature

The Uninspired Write isn’t Worth Reading

Some days you just wake up and conversations float around in the air, assaulting your ears in varying degrees of logic and pressure.

Commentary, Culture, Literature

Cynical Guerrilla: Fear Only Fear

“Remember that in Canada, very few people actually starve to death". I still remember those words spoken to me by a mentor of mine.

Commentary, Culture
Fiction Writer's Guide To Diversity

The Fiction Writer’s Guide To Diversity

Professional author and screenwriter Jeff Campagna offers up his thoughts on the importance of diversity in the fiction writer's repertoire.

Essays, Literature

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