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October 10, 2012

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Masterpiece Anon

an original poem by Ryan Pratt

Literature, Poetry

Conjoint Words in the Age of Pixels

CoverCake. BlackBerry. TweetDeck. HootSuite. MySpace. GrubHub. Were Rip van Winkle to rouse from his sleep on today’s date, and encounter the above words, he may well take them to be...

Culture, Digital

Playing in the Snow with TIME AND DESIRE

TIMEANDDESIRE is an interventive style of artwork that "examines the role perception plays in constructing realities".

Art, Art Shouts
Art Shots: Authors in Their Own Words by John Sokol

Art Shots: Authors in Their Own Words by John Sokol

American artist and author John Sokol creates portraits of literary greats in which the lines of their faces are crafted from the author’s own works.

Art, Art Shouts

Shut Yer Word Hole! Vol. I

A list of five abused and meaningless words and phrases that need to be immediately eradicated from the English language.

Commentary, Culture

Do Good Bands Still Need To Worry About Selling Out?

'Selling out' is an age old concern for any self-respecting indie band. But in the age of the internet, with all of the innovations in content distribution and communication in general, is selling out even possible anymore?

Art, Commentary, Culture, Digital, Music

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe (innovative web vers.)


As Pink Turns Blue We Live Again (goth is undead…)

Pink Turns Blue retains a certain immortal quality that keeps them at the forefront of the gothic music scene evermore.

Commentary, Culture, Music

Sonic Words: Ideals Of ‘The Grunge Generation’

A look back at the grunge era and the meaning behind the music.

Commentary, Culture, Music

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