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October 26, 2012

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Artists Marisa Hoicka and Johnny Forever SEARCH

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Pretty White Girl Teams Up with Handsome Rabbit

Jo Latham has a crush on contemporary performance artist Hannah Raisin.

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Video Joints: An Audiovisual Experience of the Subconscious

A Branch is Too Big to Come Out of a Twig is the joint project of two outlets, Regina-based collective Turner Prize and Chicago-based artist veteran, Steve Reinke.

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I Can’t Get Werner Herzog Out of My Head

I feel guilty leaving a biennial, triennial, or any other group exhibition with only one artist on my mind. These events are supposed to expose the viewer to a variety of creators, styles, and media—not incite a sick obsession with a specific work. After attending the 2012 Whitney Biennial, I’m still thinking about Werner Herzog’s video installation and wondering if my transfixion is bordering on the obsessive.

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Pop Goes The CDN Music Video Industry

Pop Goes The CDN Music Video Industry

Zouch Magazine caught up with one of Toronoto's up and comers in the music video world, Diana Pop, to speak about her work with rapper Peps C and the Canadian music video industry in general.

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Art Shots: Adam Adamowicz's 'Fallout 3' Concepts

Art Shots: Adam Adamowicz’s ‘Fallout 3’ Concepts

Adam Adamowicz was a concept artist, best known for his work on Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Bethesda Game Studios since 2007.

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Western Contemporary and other works by David Phillips

David Phillips is a painter and digital/video artist. His work fuses themes from the past with contemporary elements.

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{Art Exhibits} The Exquisite Corpse Video Project

{Art Exhibits} The Exquisite Corpse Video Project

The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) attempts to piece puzzle parts of artistic creations through a stop-and-go of video art clips.

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Singer Sue Jorge Gets Cinematic

Singer Seu Jorge Gets Cinematic

Brazilian singer/songwriter/actor blends his love for film and music with his new creative endeavor; 'The Model' a film to accompany his new album 'Seu Jorge and Almaz'.

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Art Shots: Janx Captures Paris 2010

A Canadian artist travels to Paris with his camera to capture the sights and vibes of 2010.

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