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March 16, 2012

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Award-winning European dancer joins Ballet Victoria

Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concertos conjure thoughts of stately baroque music in 18th century European courts. Imagine a fusion of Vivaldi’s violin masterpiece with...

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Cinderella ballter promotional poster

Cinderella and the Fairy Tale Ballet

Sorry, Disney…this ballet owns.

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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

LIVE PERFORMANCE | Equipped with his guitar and warm smile Michael Bernard Fitzgerald took the time to play us a song.

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Who needs Black Swan? Meet badass Carmen and the White Swan

On Twitter, a review of Ballet Victoria’s season finale in less than 140 characters might read like this: Badass Carmen ballet caps a thrilling evening of white swans (cont'd)

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Steampunk Review: Whimsy and Wings

In a world where one’s cup can constantly be filled with excess, a growing group of whimsical and imaginative people are contributing to a hopeful future.

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If Vampires Could Dance…

Twilight Tango: Requiem for a Vampire by The Victoria Ballet


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