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April 25, 2014

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{Poetry} Ace of Wands

{Poetry} by Carol Shillibeer

Literature, Poetry

Film Review – Kayan: A Fundamentally Human Story

Ian Mrozewski reviews Kayan, the debut feature film by Maryam Najafi, which follows a Lebanese woman who is the owner of Kayan Restaurant in Vancouver, BC.

Film, Reviews

Finding ‘contemporary resonance’ in World War I

“There’s no point writing about the past unless there’s some sort of contemporary resonance.” These may seem like strange words coming from Irish novelist John Boyne, who has almost exclusively written about the past and achieved worldwide renown for his book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which was set during the Holocaust. But during a stop in Vancouver to promote his World War I novel The Absolutist, he told Zouch that he’s always looking for parallels between the past and the present.

Interviews, Writers
Ben Everyman live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} Ben Everyman

LIVE PERFORMANCE | Ben started his musical career in a metal band. But later, became charmed by the anti-folk scene and the twang of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

Art, Film, Music
The Fugitives live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} The Fugitives

LIVE PERFORMANCE | We pulled up outside our chosen location for the Fugitives session and unknown tunes were blasting from everywhere.

Art, Film, Music
The Dudes live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} The Dudes

LIVE PERFORMANCE | "They sing about the triumph of good over no good. They trumpet the march of the working class lady. They tell stories of love gained and lost, knife fights, cops and kindness."

Art, Film, Music
comic by artist Glen O'Neill

Embracing my Apatheism

I used to believe in God. Every day, as I went through the motions of high school, I would send up quick prayers to Jesus. I pictured the Almighty as this warm, mystical wind that was carrying me through life.

Commentary, Culture, Memoir
Sun Wizards live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} Sun Wizard

LIVE PERFORMANCE | Some of our most fabulous sessions happen when things don't go as planed. We met Sun Wizard outside the infamous Casa Gelato...

Art, Film, Music
Familia live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} Familia

LIVE PERFORMANCE | Familia are a newly rising talent. They blend American rock with British Pop spirit. We filmed at Chapel Arts, an old chapel that was reborn as a gallery in Vancouver.

Art, Film, Music
The Never Surprise live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} The Never Surprise

LIVE PERFORMANCE | We filmed our session with The Never Surprise in front of Myfanwy MacLeod’s The Birds in the Olympic Village square.

Art, Film, Music

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