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December 26, 2011

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Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder’s “White Man’s Trash”

Picture yourself back in 1968. You're driving down the empty Nevada highway and your 1946 Chevy pickup breaks down. What's your next move?

Art, Culture, Nostalgia
pepper-spray mallcop on black friday or christmas, re: Occupy

When Jesus Returns, Will They Give Him Store Credit?

Consumerism is as American as AR-15s and just as likely to rack up a body count. Clean up on aisle five.

Commentary, Culture

Recent Paintings by Charmagne Coe

There is a rare fragility about this artwork. The figures have essences extending outside their bodies, which makes the experience of appreciating the art more visceral.

Art, Art Shouts


Public enemy number one is dead, and you are crushing cans with the rest of the world, and keeping me apprised via text. I shave my beard into a mustache,

Literature, Poetry
Art Shots: American Landscapes by Christina Shaffell

Art Shots: American Landscapes by Christina Shaffell

American landscape photography by Christina Shaffell, a photographer, designer, and sometimes wanderer.

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Interviews

ArtPrize: The Radically Open American Art Competition

This art show that will no doubt captivate the thousands who will attend the event in Michigan. The contest offers the world's largest art prize $250,000!

Art, Art News

Artists and Social Consciousness

“Artists are lazy people; lazy people become artists.”

Art, Commentary, Culture

Interview With Poet Jessica Kristie, Author of ‘Dreaming In Darkness’

Your poetry feels very emotion-driven. It seems you're drawing from your personal experiences of love and conflict. Is it fair to say that you're looking within when you write?

Interviews, Poetry, Writers


Not only is this the second gallery show I’ve every displayed my artwork in, but little did I know that I would get to meet the always-generous Dustin DIRT!

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Interviews

Oregonian Pushes The Boundaries Of Conventional Photography

Featuring artist Natasha Bacca on Zouch was a no-brainer. She's pushing the boundaries of conventional photography to explore light, while combining contemporary and archaic processes.

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Digital, Interviews

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