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April 18, 2014

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{Poetry} untitled

{Poetry} by Ben Austin

Literature, Poetry

Art Shots! Caught in the Ephemeral

Ben Austin, Internet artist and poet, plays with the gaze on Tumblr, freezes you in your quick scroll.

Art, Art Shouts

Five Takes On Digital Boringness

The Internet is over 40 years old; the World Wide Web, over 20. Google has made the Internet navigable. Apple has made it portable. Facebook has made it social. So, it’s all happened, then? Maybe that’s why we keep encountering more of the same.

Culture, Digital

Honey, I Shrunk The #Words

“Flash fiction,” as an example of miniature literature, is not new, and antedates social media. But, the advent of Facebook and Twitter, and its clones, may have, fanned the trend toward pithiness. They have fostered a written culture where brevity trumps it all.

Culture, Digital

A Victorian’s Guide to the Digital Galaxy

The term “Website” is outrageously passé, isn’t it? It doesn’t quite capture and describe what they are. Regardless of what one calls them—cloud-based platforms, mobile apps, Web services, social networks—they are certainly sprouting with a feral intensity, almost with impunity.

Culture, Digital
Art Shots: Alone with Orphan Elliott

Art Shots: Alone with Orphan Elliott

Artist and Illustrator Orphan Elliott offers up some Wes Anderson, Bill Murray, Mad Men, Donald Draper and more

Art, Art Shouts

Fame Is But A Statistical Feat

The nature of fame has changed; no longer are celebrities recognized because they are talented, they are famous, amazingly, just for being famous.

Commentary, Culture, Digital

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