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March 28, 2014

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Artist Interview – Wil Murray: ‘Please Boss Remember Me’

Susie Pentelow interviews Canadian artist, Wil Murray, to mark the opening of his solo exhibition at Vitrine Gallery in London, UK.

Art, Art News, Artists, Fine Art, Interviews

I Broke Up With Facebook

I deactivated Facebook recently. I won’t spend much time proselytizing about it, because people seem to get pretty touchy and self-righteous about this topic. Let’s just say I was sick of it, and I felt ready for a change.

Commentary, Culture, Digital
Photograph of alarm clock at 11:11

{POETRY} Trapped in 11:11

Where I live, it’s always 11:11. I know it sounds strange, But that’s because it is. It’s always 11:11. I’ve tried to phone friends, To ask them if it’s 11:11

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} College Boys

What is it that dashes out of the marble front gate, galloping and flooding in your direction, irresistible? Beyond the gate, the college is a building of

Literature, Poetry

Fancy Charts: A Time Table (Created: 1864)

Referencing The Difference in Time Between The Principal Cities of The World

Art, Charts, Culture, Nostalgia

As Pink Turns Blue We Live Again (goth is undead…)

Pink Turns Blue retains a certain immortal quality that keeps them at the forefront of the gothic music scene evermore.

Commentary, Culture, Music

Beach Fossils: Perfect Tunes For The Sleepy Beach Bum

The Brooklyn band Beach Fossils uses heavy reverb, lo-fi sound to its advantage.


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