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November 8, 2013

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Theatrical Storytelling Takes Audiences Back To 17th Century Japan

LA-based pianist Erika Tazawa and NY-based actress Mari Yamamoto will be presenting their collaborative work, “An Untitled Tale” as part of a night of musical performances by Ms. Tazawa. The duo will premier in New York with a follow-up show in Los Angeles.

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We Are Samurai is a Compelling and Immersive Theatrical Experience

We Are Samurai, the immersive new play written by Daria Miyeko Marinelli and directed by Ria T. DiLullo, features a hardworking cast and two of the creepiest, most mesmerizing dead cats in recent memory.

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the stars of the skype show at the new york city (NYC) fringe festival

Fringe NYC Review: The Skype Show or See You in August

The Skype Show is a promising new play about a couple (who are also bandmates) dealing with their relationship after one of them is forced to leave the country due to visa issues.

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{Interview} Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Interview: Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Maggie Rowe is an exceptional person. When you meet her, no matter how many people are beckoning her for a moment of her time, she’s fixed on you.

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Spotlight: Geoffrey Tyler Makes Musical Theatre a Lifestyle

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High School Playwrights Hit The Big Stage


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