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August 7, 2013

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Greener Pastures

Edna Parker Lee, feisty old woman and Odd News aficionado, copes with a disturbing discovery in her nursing home in this story of loneliness, senility, and Lizard People.

Fiction, Literature
Photograph of alarm clock at 11:11

{POETRY} Trapped in 11:11

Where I live, it’s always 11:11. I know it sounds strange, But that’s because it is. It’s always 11:11. I’ve tried to phone friends, To ask them if it’s 11:11

Literature, Poetry
The Way of the Atlas (Obscura)

The Way of the Atlas (Obscura)

Atlas Obscura is a place for the imaginative, for the inquisitive, for the open-minded.

Culture, Digital
Art Retro: Travis Louie and The Strange Portraits

Art Retro: Travis Louie and The Strange Portraits

Travis Louie’s paintings come from the tiny little drawings and many writings in his journals. He’s created his own imaginary world that is grounded in Victorian and Edwardian times.

Art, Art Retros, Art Shouts

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