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April 12, 2012

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Lovers In A Dangerous Time - A Canadian Love Story

Lovers In A Dangerous Time – A Canadian Love Story

Lovers In A Dangerous Time may already resonate with you but the story line and unique musical maze from JBM may push the nostalgia further back than anticipated.

Film, Reviews
Book Review: “Escapes” by Joy Williams

Book Review: ‘Escapes’ by Joy Williams

Pity the character who inhabits a Joy Williams short story, for there is little happiness in store for them there.

Books, Reviews
Tomato Plant

Tomato Plant

When I was young I used to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That’s right above North Dakota. Really cold winters and dry, hot summers.

Culture, Nostalgia
“The Collected Stories” by Amy Hempel

‘The Collected Stories’ by Amy Hempel

Amy Hempel is a master of the short story: praised by critics, adored by novelists, and imitated by creative writing students around the globe.

Books, Reviews

Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder’s “White Man’s Trash”

Picture yourself back in 1968. You're driving down the empty Nevada highway and your 1946 Chevy pickup breaks down. What's your next move?

Art, Culture, Nostalgia
FILM: To Love Like Crazy

FILM: To Love Like Crazy

It never works out like it does in the movies. Or in the case of Anton Yelchin's "Like Crazy", it just never works out.

Film, Reviews
Photograph of Ling or related fish


Chuck's mother was beached on the living room couch. Her black hair was a tangled mess of seaweed draped across her face. She wasn't dead, but Sammy only knew

Fiction, Literature
Artsy photo of overwhelmed shopper in supermarket aisle

{FICTION} Bought and Paid For

The modern big-box superstore was an odd contrivance, when she really thought about it. The notion that Dorothy could buy auto supplies, big-screen televisions,

Fiction, Literature
{FICTION} Brady's Gift

{FICTION} Brady’s Gift

Dear Mister Bill Gates, Hello. My name is Tammy Maybury and I live in Redmond, Washington, with my Mom and her boyfriend and my younger brother Brady. I'm nine

Fiction, Literature
{FICTION} Chop Salad

{FICTION} Chop Salad

I wish I were more interesting. Or maybe African American. When I was young, my neighbor had a black Barbie, the doll’s plastic face so shiny

Fiction, Literature

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