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September 22, 2011

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Naturayarte’s Layers of Natural Beauty

The works below are called Naturayarte by Spanish artist Lorenzo Durán. They showcase layers of beauty. The original layer crafted by Mother Nature, juxtoposed with...

Art, Art Shouts
Art Shots: The Characters of Juan Weiss

Art Shots: The Characters of Juan Weiss

Juan Weiss (aka weisshaus) is a 31-year old Graphic Designer from Argentina. Born the son of an art teacher, he’s been drawing and painting since he can remember.

Art, Art Shouts

Architecture Abroad: Casco Viejo

Feeling the warm breeze while sipping on an oh-so-cold-and-delicious pint of Balboa beer outside in Plaza Bolivar inspires a singular thought: Life Is Good.

Culture, Nostalgia

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