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December 29, 2014

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Pavilion: An Excerpt

Art, Comics, Commentary, Culture, Essays, Fiction, Literature, Memoir, Poetry

Shut Yer Word Hole! Vol. I

A list of five abused and meaningless words and phrases that need to be immediately eradicated from the English language.

Commentary, Culture
A Set of Rusty Shackles

Smart Phone Sickness

Author Jessica Plhak discusses the impact of purchasing an iPhone on her personal and work life, and finds that the device is a sinister, addictive burden.

Commentary, Culture, Essays

A Tale Of Two Possibilities

Commentary, Culture, Essays

Philosophrenic – ISSUE #6

Comics, Literature

A Lover’s Essay On Hate

A modern Canadian writer examines the differences between love and hate.

Commentary, Essays, Literature

Should we be worried about what Generation Z is reading?

Escapism comes in many forms, but reading fantasy has always been at the top of my list. I love to suspend my disbelief as new worlds emerge through literature.

Commentary, Culture

Rock Review: The Thermals ‘Personal Life’

While this album is much softer and less aggressive than The Thermals' past releases, it is a great listen. Personal Life is filled with more lovey lyrics.


Cynical Guerrilla: EPIC FAIL

A handful of emotionally-charged words that express nothing but vague judgments are leading us toward verbal impotence and cognitive dullardry.

Commentary, Essays

“Smile, Shrug, Tolerate : Canada’s Couch-Potato Multiculturalism” by Tristan Marajh

Essays, Literature

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