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September 6, 2011

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Inanimate passion…

Nights are reserved for intimate moments with my sketchbook and my volatile creative conscious. A seduction between a warm blooded woman and her inanimate lover.

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Art Shots: Portrait Sketches of Phillyatchi

The Portrait Sketches of Phillyatchi: first sketched by hand and then scanned and colored in photoshop; these pieces are super cool.

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ART SHOTS: Julie Zhao

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GANXTERVISION: The Art Of Brian Fischer

There's something about the mood that Brian Fischer creates that straddles many borders. It's both happy and sad, absurd and serious, real and abstract. His dark sensitivities somehow wind up pointing to the lightness of his inner vision.

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A Canadian artist expands her artistic boundaries.

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Art Shots: Dany Gheshan

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