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February 11, 2015

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The Centenary

Fiction, Literature

The Fool

Fiction, Literature


Short fiction The Marlboro Man by Jack Leaf Willetts.

Fiction, Literature

{Fiction} Who’s the Daddy?

The thought first struck Frank during Nora’s pregnancy. Suddenly, he caught himself thinking, “Maybe the child isn’t mine…”

Fiction, Literature

{FICTION} The Violinist

In 1989, the rattling course of a demented heartbreak had threatened to extinguish Philip James Flood, from without and within. During a gloomy period of enforced isolation, Philip lay groaning on a mattress whilst his soul got to work on repair.

Fiction, Literature

Tastes Good to Me: A review of Will Conway’s “Tastes of Ink”

Tastes of Ink is a new collection of short stories by Will Conway. Zouch Magazine's Jason Oberholtzer got his hands on an advance copy and reviewed it here.

Essays, Literature

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