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April 25, 2014

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National Poetry Month: {Interview} with Micah Towery, Author of ‘Whale of Desire’

Shazia Hafiz Ramji interviews poet, Micah Towery, author of Whale of Desire.

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Sore Eros’ Sickies Vol. 2: Pastoral Psychedelia and Whimsical Innocence

Second Chants, released in 2009 and Know Touching in 2011 revealed Sore Eros’ characteristic dreamy, melodic sound led by Robert Robinson’s wavering vocals and Adam Langellotti’s layered guitar, with synth melodies and hissing percussion that is often erratic but equally harmonious.

Music, Reviews

“Phoning It In” Enchants the Listener With Poetic Lyrics and Fingerpicking

Finding a folk album that doesn’t indulge in horses or open fields is a feat. But, finding one that touches poignancy and sends you to a reflective place with every listen is also rare.

Music, Reviews

Album Review: “With Endless Fire” by Ilyas Ahmed

Ilyas Ahmed is a name many may have come across via hearing of his collaborations with fellow Portlander Grouper/Liz Harris on his previous album Goner (2009) and more recently on the Visitor EP. Ahmed’s latest full-length album With Endless Fire

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