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February 5, 2014

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A vibrant and somber tale of life, love, sex, and introspection.

Fiction, Literature

Original and Solitary Lovers

Passion and sexuality, love and lust, tangled and fused in lush prose that unabashedly flirts with poetry.

Fiction, Literature

The Secret Diary of a Pretty Hooker: Canadian Culture’s Stance on Prostitution.

Pretty Woman is a beautiful movie. It’s thought of as one of the most honest and inspiring love stories of our entire generation. It’s about a girl from...

Commentary, Culture
White whale made of stamp collection photograph

{FICTION} White Whale

I need a mirror. It has been 27 days since Marla left. On the night she declared me an unfit partner my adult self punched my adolescent self in the face.

Fiction, Literature
Peter Gatien, Limelight & The Party In Clubland

Peter Gatien, Limelight & The Party In Clubland

The film "Limelight" exposes the 90’s club scene through a journey of New York’s sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyle. Peter Gatien was one of its curators.

Culture, Entertainers, Interviews, Musicians
I Wanna Make A Whole Lotta Dirty Back Door F.U.C.K. To Your Disco Stick

Make A Whole Lotta Dirty Back Door F.U.C.K. To Your Disco Stick

An article on Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and what they have in common: Sex.

Commentary, Music

This Movie is Broken (is broken)

This Movie Is Broken proves an unfortunate example of a film with a narrative so thin that it can't support the weight of the sexual revolution it wants to parade.

Commentary, Culture, Film, Reviews

“Lloyd Gets Laid” by Justin Ludwig

Fiction, Literature

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