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April 26, 2012

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Music & The Attainment of Happiness and Other Paintings by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

The figures below express incredible feeling. Mouse-over to read each painting's title.

Art, Art Shouts
Art Shots: The Golden Era of Hip Hop

Art Shots: The Golden Era of Hip Hop

The 'Golden Era' print honours the kings and queens of hip-hop who propelled the genre from humble beginnings in New York to the global phenomenon we see today.

Art, Art Shouts, Music

Nigerian Independent Art Goes Worldwide With The Seek Project

Karo Akpokiere is a mover and shaker in the Nigerian art/illustration and print scene, and now he's taking his vision worldwide.

Art, Art Shouts, Culture

Art Shots: Okinawa’s Leila Fortier

Her works express restlessness and passion, manifested in formless creations; what she calls "Painting Emotion."

Art, Art Shouts

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