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January 13, 2016

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Incomplete By Gonsalves Mpili and Isaac Ngassa

Literature, Poetry

Tattoed Gift by Gonsalves Mpili

Literature, Poetry


{Poetry} by Shauna Osborn

Literature, Poetry


{Poetry} by Ace Boggess

Literature, Poetry
queen of diamonds cards and modern artwork

My Grandmother Plays Sheepshead

{Poetry} by Alicia Zuberbier

Literature, Poetry
North american robin bird painting poetry

North American Robin

{Poetry} by Jeannie Roberts

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} Hazy Days

Every summer the wildfires come and go. The burn from the fires wafts south into the desert metropolis. The effects of the smoke make me feel more fatigued each day.

Literature, Poetry

An Animated Version of Bukowski’s “The Blue Bird”

This stunning animated adaptation of the poem 'The Blue Bird' is by Cambridge School of Art's Monika Umba.

Art, Art Shouts

Poetry Review: “Fever Dreams”

When I pulled Fever Dreams from its shipping pouch, a small note fell from the inside cover. The note invited me to keep “good company” with the author’s dreams.

Books, Reviews
Poetry - Sexy Underpants

Poetry – Sexy Underpants

Literature, Poetry

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