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August 23, 2013

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Art Shouts! Classic Boogieman, Child and Goblin Photos Sell for $500

A curious collection of photographs from the 1920s featuring a classic take on the Boogie man and goblins.

Art, Art Shouts

Inside Gary Varro’s ‘Chicken Inn’

In Gary Varro’s Chicken Inn the setting is just as important as the subject matter. The snapshots were sparked from within a dingy motel room, which is said to be part of the last “No-Tell-Motel” in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Art, Art News

Living In A Mannequin’s World

Identity is an umbrella term that dictates value through behavioural scripts, tailored communication and cues. Our social identity can feel like a worked-in jacket or a brand new pair of socks depending on how we internalize and what we select to externalize.

Art, Art News

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