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February 21, 2014

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Nothing to Remind Me

Fiction by Scott Solomon. A group of friends take a road trip to a college party but run into some obstacles—and some self-reflection—along the way.

Fiction, Literature

A Short Film Screening With Lasers, Nukes, and Ass

Without further ado, here are smash Youtube hit High-Tech Noon, Hamilton Film Festival award winning Behind The Camera, and Media Abstractions #1 (recently referred to as "nuke porn" on twitter).

Film, Reviews
{Digital Culture} It's Not Twitter, It's Us

{Digital Culture} It’s Not Twitter, It’s Us

The Twitterverse has become a crowded place, bursting with the gabbing of some 100 million “active users”, each screaming to be heard over the din.

Commentary, Culture

Sunday 9am

Fiction, Literature

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