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December 20, 2015

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Interview with Agam Andreas

Artists, Interviews, Uncategorized

Why Troll-Impostor and his collection of colour videos matter?

Art, Culture, Digital, Fine Art, Playlists, Reviews

Pavilion: An Excerpt

Art, Comics, Commentary, Culture, Essays, Fiction, Literature, Memoir, Poetry

Artist Interview – Wil Murray: ‘Please Boss Remember Me’

Susie Pentelow interviews Canadian artist, Wil Murray, to mark the opening of his solo exhibition at Vitrine Gallery in London, UK.

Art, Art News, Artists, Fine Art, Interviews

The Painting

A chance encounter with an unusual "painter" forever alters one man's perception of art.

Fiction, Literature

Art Shouts! Speed Racer’s In The Stars!

Internal discoveries through vibrant colours, comics, and dramatic concepts. Dreaming Realities into art.

Art Shouts

Woman in the Ruins

A short, vivid tale painted in dark brush strokes.

Fiction, Literature

The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized

The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized

The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized

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