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October 9, 2012

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Orphan Factory’s “The Waning Light of Fall”

In the state of Idaho, in the panhandle, an abandoned farm church has become the howling ground for Orphan Factory. Born in the shadowed rural area, he came across this haunted yet soul-captivating place.

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Sore Eros’ Sickies Vol. 2: Pastoral Psychedelia and Whimsical Innocence

Second Chants, released in 2009 and Know Touching in 2011 revealed Sore Eros’ characteristic dreamy, melodic sound led by Robert Robinson’s wavering vocals and Adam Langellotti’s layered guitar, with synth melodies and hissing percussion that is often erratic but equally harmonious.

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‘Interstellar’ By Frankie Rose Is Cosmic, Mystical, And Full Of Life

Frankie Rose never intended to be a musician. In fact, she’s only really been making money from music for a year. She used to bartend in Brooklyn (where she’s still based), and the longest job she ever held was that of a bike messenger in San Francisco. Go figure.

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Glass Pear Gains Inspiration From A Cauldron Of Musical History

Yestyn Griffiths is a painter, but not in the classical sense. His canvas is your ears. His brush is the songs he produces. His melodies are the paint he splashes across your memory. And his lyrics are all the endless colors that polish his masterpieces. He signs his art with the moniker he is best known by — Glass Pear.

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Album Review: “With Endless Fire” by Ilyas Ahmed

Ilyas Ahmed is a name many may have come across via hearing of his collaborations with fellow Portlander Grouper/Liz Harris on his previous album Goner (2009) and more recently on the Visitor EP. Ahmed’s latest full-length album With Endless Fire

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“When The Music’s Over (A Time Traveler’s Review, circa 1967)” by Burke Mudge

I was late getting to the show. As usual, getting caught up downloading the newest from catchy UK bands like Panic Prevention had thrown my trip a few millibeads off kilter. I’d read about this band The Doors in Rolling Stone...

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