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December 6, 2011

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FILM: To Love Like Crazy

FILM: To Love Like Crazy

It never works out like it does in the movies. Or in the case of Anton Yelchin's "Like Crazy", it just never works out.

Film, Reviews

The Day The Video Store Died

My attachment to Blockbuster isn’t really to the multinational chain, but more to what its disappearance represents on a social level.

Culture, Nostalgia

MMA Finds a New Audience With ‘Warrior’

Warrior is a film whose time has come. There, that loaded sentence is out of the way and I can now freely explain how a movie seemingly about MMA has...

Culture, Film, Reviews

Pruning ‘The Tree of Life’

Terrence Mallick movies are about questions. The Big questions, ones without answers, and his characters often spend more time asking...

Commentary, Film, Reviews

Incendies, another triumph for Quebec film

Justin Ludwig reviews Incendies and the Quebec film scene.

Film, Reviews

‘The Social Network’ vs ‘Catfish’: The Two-Faced David Fincher

An comparative analysis of two films by David Fincher

Culture, Film, Reviews

Art Shots: James Jean’s “Stills” Series

Just from looking at these paintings, you get the idea that they are most likely stills from classic movies.

Art, Art Shouts

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