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September 1, 2014

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Film Review – Rich Hill

Filmmaker Justin Ludwig review Rich Hill, the powerful new documentary from Andrew Droz Palermo and Tracy Droz Tragos

Commentary, Culture, Film, Reviews

The Invisible Man Speaks

A brief glimpse into the mind of a man we see every day but never truly see -- the bank security guard. And he has something to say.

Fiction, Literature

Behind the Scenes on The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart is a reimagining of Poe's suspenseful short story of the same name, with a touch of romance and fantasy, set in modern day New Orleans.

Artists, Entertainers, Film, Interviews
Art Shots: Starwars Posters, Russian Propaganda Style

Art Shots: Starwars Posters, Russian Propaganda Style

Szoki is a Hungarian artist who uses classic art deco style to capture the essence of geek movies, making bad guys superbad and sexy ladies supersexy.

Art, Art Shouts, Film
Art Shots: Mod Movie Posters by Chris Connors

Art Shots: Mod Movie Posters by Chris Conner

The Remakes is a collection of minimalist, vintage, and typographic poster designs inspired by classic and modern film, game, and television shows by British graphic and motion designer Christopher Conner.

Art, Art Shouts, Film
Blue Valentine, and Why It's Important to Break Hearts

Blue Valentine, and Why It’s Important to Break Hearts

Art, Film
Batman and Robin

Letters From An Angry Man: Dear 1990’s Batman,

A rant on the ambiguous, yet obvious gay side of the 1990s film version of Batman and Robin.

Commentary, Culture, Film

Extended Short Circuit: Nathan Wrann’s “Burning Inside”

Connecticut-based director and writer Nathan Wrann avoids all pitfalls with electrifying poise in his second feature film, Burning Inside.

Culture, Film, Reviews

This Movie is Broken (is broken)

This Movie Is Broken proves an unfortunate example of a film with a narrative so thin that it can't support the weight of the sexual revolution it wants to parade.

Commentary, Culture, Film, Reviews

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