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October 26, 2012

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Artists Marisa Hoicka and Johnny Forever SEARCH

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En Masse, Pioneers of the Artistic Orgy

Distance prevents me from enjoying the ambiance of Montreal, the sea of creative madness that is currently churning in the historic architecture of original Canadiana. But alas, I am here, and you’re there, dear Montreal. See, this isn’t just a tragic love story of girl meets city that sparks a wild hunger to create helter-skelter and run away, throwing caution to the wind a-la Beat Poet promiscuity of the 1960’s revolution! It is much more fanciful than that. I met a fellow, through this world wide web.

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The Sacred Clichés of a Montreal Artist

Emmanuel Laflamme has been a core member of the ZOUCH creative community since the inception of our project. I caught up with him in a bar in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal

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The Belle Game live music performance in Vancouver

{VIDEO} The Belle Game

LIVE PERFORMANCE | The Belle Game are a 7 piece band originally formed to play a show at the Railway Club in 2009.

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Summer of Sweet Sins: OSHEAGA

Summer of Sweet Sins: OSHEAGA

There’s something about Osheaga; perhaps it’s the freedom of a major music arts festival OUTSIDE of Toronto that undoubtedly unites people?

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Sultry Songs and Supermarkets: Introducing Molly Sweeney

Little Molly Sweeney was only three or four-years-old when she began singing about prostitutes.

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Art Shots: Janx Captures Paris 2010

A Canadian artist travels to Paris with his camera to capture the sights and vibes of 2010.

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