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December 2, 2011

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Art Shots: The Paper Graveyard by Herbert Pfostl

Herbert Pfostl (b.1968) is an Austrian artist. He is a self-described painter of animals, plants and saints.

Art, Art Shouts

Western Contemporary and other works by David Phillips

David Phillips is a painter and digital/video artist. His work fuses themes from the past with contemporary elements.

Art, Art Shouts, Culture

Art Shots: Vancouver’s Eli Horn – EXHIBIT A

This is the second article featuring the work Eli Horn. The works below are all oil paintings.

Art, Art Shouts

Art Shots: Vancouver’s Eli Horn – EXHIBIT B

This work has the je ne sais quois required to get a curmudgeonly editor such as myself excited. The world should indeed be paying more attention to this young artist.

Art, Art Shouts
The Vibrant Sculpture of Sayaka Ganz

The Vibrant Sculpture of Sayaka Ganz

Animal shapes from the natural world realized with inorganic materials in a beautiful irony.

Art, Interviews
abstract iphone image - appstract art

The iPhone Abstraction of Reservoir Dan

The images contained in this post are the realization of a simple yet ingenious vision to create 50 vibrant digital canvasses of abstract art, using an iphone.

Art, Digital, Interviews

Crock-Shot: Debate For Creative Sakes

Ego. She can be a loyal ally and a demon in the sack; she can grasp your manhood in her talons and flash sadistic glee as you crumble to her demands.

Art, Commentary

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