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January 17, 2012

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comic by artist Glen O'Neill

Embracing my Apatheism

I used to believe in God. Every day, as I went through the motions of high school, I would send up quick prayers to Jesus. I pictured the Almighty as this warm, mystical wind that was carrying me through life.

Commentary, Culture, Memoir

{POETRY} Mexico

Hang the beggar in Mexico with white linens that come from my mother’s clothesline. The children will carve their names into the side of the tree as he sways

Literature, Poetry

{POETRY} Heath Says

Heath says, “All new cars look like bars of soap.” I observe that Maria and Juan are having the rare calm day. The Laundromat behind us is a warehouse of white flags, surrender to the duty of grim, calloused existence. That’s why I watch the street…

Literature, Poetry

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