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January 4, 2012

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Brick bus shelter photo

{FICTION} Shelter

Dave drove the half-mile to his neighbourhood gym, every morning, every week, sure as the southern sun. He parked his Lexus in the corner spot, his spot

Fiction, Literature
Photo of mysterious liquid or gas or smoke designs

{POETRY} Rough Sketches

She sits in the middle of the room A lonely unveiled figurine She is surrounded by mistakes The edges gnawed Mangled With a series of clothespins she dangles

Literature, Poetry
Image of the letter M typography sample

{POETRY} Letters

He called her M; wrote it just that way She heard Em Diminutive, short for heroine Emily, or Ermengarde From the German ermen (whole) and gard (en garde!

Literature, Poetry
Robber baron black and white historical photograph

{POETRY} Floaters

Jaguar’s throaty growl, as he doubles the clutch gleaming chrome and jet in passing street lights Mr. Who all bangled in gold and a fox in furs

Literature, Poetry
{FICTION} Strange Mammals

{FICTION} Strange Mammals

The wombat stood on its hind legs, four feet tall, eyes set wide on its head. Its whiskers twitched as it waited for me to invite it into the apartment,

Fiction, Literature
black and white image of an old lady in a classic fuzzy photograph

{POETRY} Coming Undone

Small town curiosity shops hide grandmothers in pieces of felt, hat pins, antique jewelery made from woven hair, hand sewn lace, lilac sachets.

Literature, Poetry

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