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February 25, 2014

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If I Had a Daughter

One mother's advice to a daughter she never had.

Fiction, Literature


A vibrant and somber tale of life, love, sex, and introspection.

Fiction, Literature

Stealing the Show from Nature

Doreen finds happenstance and circumstance in the garden of her farm estate while her husband is away on business.

Fiction, Literature
the stars of the skype show at the new york city (NYC) fringe festival

Fringe NYC Review: The Skype Show or See You in August

The Skype Show is a promising new play about a couple (who are also bandmates) dealing with their relationship after one of them is forced to leave the country due to visa issues.

Reviews, Theatre


A sweeping tale of love, happenstance, tragedy, and the toll of time.

Fiction, Literature

Original and Solitary Lovers

Passion and sexuality, love and lust, tangled and fused in lush prose that unabashedly flirts with poetry.

Fiction, Literature


Before I begin, I have to be clear: this article is not meant to ask for forgiveness, it is not meant to place blame, incur wrath, or inflict pain. It is also not meant to take itself too seriously.

Commentary, Culture, Essays, Music
Lovers In A Dangerous Time - A Canadian Love Story

Lovers In A Dangerous Time – A Canadian Love Story

Lovers In A Dangerous Time may already resonate with you but the story line and unique musical maze from JBM may push the nostalgia further back than anticipated.

Film, Reviews

Why I love the Zombie Apocalypse

I had a dream the other night about the Zombie Apocalypse. Quite often, I don’t remember my dreams. I’ll wake up with the fragile remnants of the dream still lingering at the edge of my consciousness, but the more I try to hold on to them, the quicker they slip away.

Commentary, Culture

Shifting Thoughts Produce “Love Knowledge” Animation by Philosophrenic

If you've been reading Zouch since our launch, then you no doubt remember the fascinating Philosophrenic comic by Rachael J. Freedman. You may also have noticed...

Art, Art Shouts

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