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April 23, 2012

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HATEMAIL: Dear Easily Offended People

I’m writing this letter on behalf of everyone who is sick of tip toeing through a conversation for fear of opening Pamela’s Box (Pamela is Pandora’s younger, more easily offended sister. And instead of opening the box and releasing unspeakable evil upon the world, if you open Pamela’s Box you release judgement and condemnation over minor issues).

Commentary, Culture
{POETRY} 30 Poems for NaPoWriMo

{POETRY} 30 Poems for NaPoWriMo

These Ain’t Yo Grade 1 Acrostics How You Protest Overt, Cataphysical Rankness, In Sin Yourself Jarred Enmity Against Lack Of Unattained Something... Yours.

Literature, Poetry

Cynical Guerrilla: I Saw A Pale Horse, Its Rider Was Snooki

Let's consider Justin Bieber. Even from my cave, I know who this kid is. I think it goes without saying that his music is saccharine pap.

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