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May 14, 2012

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Five Takes On Digital Boringness

The Internet is over 40 years old; the World Wide Web, over 20. Google has made the Internet navigable. Apple has made it portable. Facebook has made it social. So, it’s all happened, then? Maybe that’s why we keep encountering more of the same.

Culture, Digital
Photojournalism and Intellectual Property Theft

Photojournalism and Intellectual Property Theft

Over last year, BJP reported that the Daily Mail Online had been accused of infringing on photographers’ copyright five times.

Culture, Digital

The Day The Video Store Died

My attachment to Blockbuster isn’t really to the multinational chain, but more to what its disappearance represents on a social level.

Culture, Nostalgia

Letters From an Angry Man: Dear Perez Hilton

Why does anyone listen to Perez Hilton? What does this weirdo actually do or know?

Commentary, Culture

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