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October 29, 2013

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An honest, funny glimpse into the peepshow of our minds, what we could be, what we wish we were, and the filth we end up with.

Fiction, Literature

Talking Okinawa Blues

The world turns upside down when an eccentric inventor discovers a way to teach animals how to speak.

Fiction, Literature

Voluntary Mandatory Office Parties

A truthful and hilarious look at that dreaded staple of the desk jockey world: the office party.

Essays, Literature, Memoir

Meet The Witty American Writer Michael Frissore

Author and humorist Michael Frissore talks to Kitty Fisher about his writing, his process, and Woody Allen.

Interviews, Writers

You Never Forget Your First Time

A Home Selling Humor Saga. The roofer shows up at our house two hours after we’re scheduled to meet. I get to the front door first and open it up. Looking down the stairs, I see a bearded man sniffing at his shirt collar.

Commentary, Culture, Essays, Literature

HATEMAIL: Dear Easily Offended People

I’m writing this letter on behalf of everyone who is sick of tip toeing through a conversation for fear of opening Pamela’s Box (Pamela is Pandora’s younger, more easily offended sister. And instead of opening the box and releasing unspeakable evil upon the world, if you open Pamela’s Box you release judgement and condemnation over minor issues).

Commentary, Culture
Artichoke Farm - Sophisticated

Artichoke Farm – Sophisticated

Comics, Literature

Funday Morning – Issue #12

Comics, Literature

Funday Morning – Issue #11

Comics, Literature

“Abstract Expressionism” by Alborozo

Comics, Literature

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