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October 28, 2013

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Fireball artwork by Jason Bryant

Art Shout! The Hybridization of Hollywood Cult Classics and Skater Culture

Artist Jason Bryant's exhibition 'Merging Icons', fusing classic Hollywood with 80's skate culture.

Art Shouts

The Invisible Man Speaks

A brief glimpse into the mind of a man we see every day but never truly see -- the bank security guard. And he has something to say.

Fiction, Literature

Confession’s of a Hollywood Woodcutter…

The tale of how one screenwriter followed fates advice, threw caution to the wind, and followed his passion into the visual arts.

Art, Art News, Artists

Unique Short Story Language Spawns Hit Indie Film Series

Film, Reviews

Chalices of Science Consume Artists for Conversion

...What I am speaking of is the battle currently being forged in Halifax, Nova Scotia, between an institution of historic legacy, and Governmental budgetary.

Art News, Commentary, Culture

Los Angeles Street Photography and Quotes

"Los Angeles is a constellation of plastic." - Norman Mailer

Art, Art Shouts, Commentary
{Interview} Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Interview: Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Maggie Rowe is an exceptional person. When you meet her, no matter how many people are beckoning her for a moment of her time, she’s fixed on you.

Entertainers, Interviews

Crock-Shot: Artists don’t talk like that…

There is the old saying that "life imitates art." For the most part, I tend to agree with this idiom of my ancestors, BUT:


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