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October 9, 2012

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Orphan Factory’s “The Waning Light of Fall”

In the state of Idaho, in the panhandle, an abandoned farm church has become the howling ground for Orphan Factory. Born in the shadowed rural area, he came across this haunted yet soul-captivating place.

Music, Reviews

Album Review: “With Endless Fire” by Ilyas Ahmed

Ilyas Ahmed is a name many may have come across via hearing of his collaborations with fellow Portlander Grouper/Liz Harris on his previous album Goner (2009) and more recently on the Visitor EP. Ahmed’s latest full-length album With Endless Fire

Music, Reviews

A Look At Pulitzer Winner “A Visit From The Goon Squad.”

Jennifer Egan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “A Visit From The Goon Squad,” impels one to rethink their views.

Books, Reviews

The song that saved her, Introducing Kim Wempe

There was a brief period in Kim Wempe’s life when she wasn’t sure that she should keep pursuing music. But then she wrote a song.

Interviews, Musicians

Dan Mangan Enraptures His Utrecht Audience…

...But You Could Be Anywhere. Music doesn’t care where you are, it only cares that you listen.

Interviews, Musicians

The Cult Of Elliott Murphy

New Yorker Elliott Murphy is the biggest rock-star you never knew.

Art, Culture, Music, The Elliott Murphy Papers

REVIEW: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was a struggling artist who made a name for himself by producing well known names like Flo Rida, Sean Kingston and Adam Levine. Mars has now recorded 2 #1 hits!


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