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June 20, 2012

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French rock band Duplex playing live

{Indie Rock} DUPLEX: A Modern French-American Sonic Hybrid

Music, Reviews
Jacques Callot 17th century printmaker

Was Jacques Callot A Zoucher Before His Time?!

This is the first time we've ran a piece on a Baroque era printmaker.

Art, Art Retros

The Uninspired Write isn’t Worth Reading

Some days you just wake up and conversations float around in the air, assaulting your ears in varying degrees of logic and pressure.

Commentary, Culture, Literature
Mohamed Kahouadji shows at Brick Lane Gallery in London England

Mohamed Kahouadji Goes BOOM At The Brick Lane Gallery

Mohamed Kahouadji will be featured in Boom, a new exhibition at London's Brick Lane Gallery. The French artist's style was described by journalist Frederic Charles Baitinger as...

Art, Art Shouts
Art Shots: 3 Dimensions of Frederic Noel

Art Shots: 3 Dimensions of Frederic Noel

Frederic Noel draws on plates, match books, boxes and any other three dimensional canvas he can find, and he does it really, really well.

Art, Art Shouts

Art FIGHTS! Monet Vs. Manet

Two 19th century masters (Monet and Manet) go toe-to-toe in a clash of the titans!

Art, Art Retros, Nostalgia

Art Retros: Visions Of The Year 2000 from 1910

In 1910, French artist Villemard offered his curious and innovative portrayal of what life was going to be like in the year 2000.

Art, Art Retros, Culture, Nostalgia

Style Dossiers: Japanese Fashion Protégé Yuima Nakazato

Nakazato has been causing quite a stir on the fashion scene. His futuristic designs have been appreciated by fashion lovers worldwide.

Art, Style

A Tale Of Two Possibilities

Commentary, Culture, Essays

Art Shots: Janx Captures Paris 2010

A Canadian artist travels to Paris with his camera to capture the sights and vibes of 2010.

Art, Art Shouts, Artists, Interviews

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