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February 3, 2016

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{Fiction} When Pigs Fly

Fiction, Literature

Honey, I Shrunk The #Words

“Flash fiction,” as an example of miniature literature, is not new, and antedates social media. But, the advent of Facebook and Twitter, and its clones, may have, fanned the trend toward pithiness. They have fostered a written culture where brevity trumps it all.

Culture, Digital
Lit Bits Flash Fiction Contest Winning Stories!

The ZOUCH Lit Bits 140 Word Super Flash Fiction Contest Winning Stories!

These 11 fabulous stories are the #4 through #14 winners of the first ever Zouch Lit Bits contest

Fiction, Literature
Screenshot from 1966 movie Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Elizabeth Taylor

{FICTION} Potemkin Villages

I can’t blow up a balloon by myself. Not all the way. So far I have sixteen grey and yellow balloons sprouting like some tumours from each kitchen wall at odd

Fiction, Literature
Ruins of Detroit photograph melted clock


Everyone was there at the start of the experiment. The Chinese. The Russians. The Arabs. Ahmed infected me with a long slow kiss. Lips of honey and pomegranates

Fiction, Literature
black and white image of an old lady in a classic fuzzy photograph

{POETRY} Coming Undone

Small town curiosity shops hide grandmothers in pieces of felt, hat pins, antique jewelery made from woven hair, hand sewn lace, lilac sachets.

Literature, Poetry

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