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September 13, 2013

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Art Shouts! Speed Racer’s In The Stars!

Internal discoveries through vibrant colours, comics, and dramatic concepts. Dreaming Realities into art.

Art Shouts

Masterpiece Anon

an original poem by Ryan Pratt

Literature, Poetry
{Poetry} Fission

{POETRY} Fission

Man took years to split the atom. What was thought to be the smallest; Under a microscope, aiming to create what will destroy. There lies a thing.

Literature, Poetry

Love, Hate and All Ridiculous Stops Between: The Justin Beiber Experience

I don’t hate a lot of things. In fact, in the entire world, made up of all the people, places and things, there is probably only one thing that I legitimately hate. That thing is sauerkraut.

Commentary, Culture

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