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December 2, 2013

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Hundesprechschule Asra

A freelance journalist has a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with one of Nazi Germany's best kept secrets-- a Great Dane with a very special ability.

Fiction, Literature

Art Shouts! Classic Boogieman, Child and Goblin Photos Sell for $500

A curious collection of photographs from the 1920s featuring a classic take on the Boogie man and goblins.

Art, Art Shouts

The Ostrich Submarine and Other Works by a Mad Scientist/Artist

It feels almost as if these incredible contraptions could actually be out there in the real world somewhere, in a secret laboratory. The blueprints included further enhance the depth and meticulousness of Tucker's vision.

Art, Art Shouts
Old photograph of circus clowns or mimes

{FICTION} The girl that nobody saw

Everything changed the day Nancy ate her gun. Before that day, Nancy was nobody. Or, rather, nobody that anybody saw. She was the elephant cage cleaner and the

Fiction, Literature
Photograph of alarm clock at 11:11

{POETRY} Trapped in 11:11

Where I live, it’s always 11:11. I know it sounds strange, But that’s because it is. It’s always 11:11. I’ve tried to phone friends, To ask them if it’s 11:11

Literature, Poetry

The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized
Art Shots: Cloud Watching with Terry Fan

Art Shots: Cloud Watching with Terry Fan

Toronto artist Terry Fan, who studied OCAD University’s interdisciplinary program, works with ink, graphite and photoshop. He believes art is a multi-faceted thing is currently involved in a number of creative pursuits which include tee-shirt design, screenwriting, graphic novels and children’s book illustration.

Art, Art Shouts

Art Shots: Natural Growth

Artist and sculpture Kirsty Greenwood explores the textures of fantasy and the complicated nature of...nature.

Art, Art Shouts

Art Shots: Through the Eyes of Joevw

Take a walk around the strange, colorful, twisted, fantasy world of talented artist and illustrator Joevw.

Art, Art Shouts

Parallel Fantasy Realms: The Art Of Rima Staines (Part 2)

This post contains magical fairytale & fantasy inspired artwork.

Art, Art Shouts

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