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March 14, 2012

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Karen Grosman’s “Meat Collection”

The paintings below are a metaphor for the sexuality of the body. They express the way the female body is portrayed through advertising, art and media in our society.

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Voice of Echo

Erin Gee’s ‘Voice of Echo’

Key to note in the ‘Voice of Echo’ exhibit, currently showing at gallerywest, is the link between listening and sound and the translation between voice and eye.

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Twelve People

{Art Exhibits} Twelve People

Viewers can expect to see vivid and mesmeric forms trickle past their eyelids as they step into imaginative and urban worlds.

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A Scar as a Portrait: Art by Jennifer McRoie

A Scar as a Portrait: Art by Jennifer McRorie

Jennifer McRorie recreates the incision, complete with its narrative in mind and unveils the skin canvas in her latest exhibition, Imprint.

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But It’s Only A DREAM

But It’s Only A DREAM

Drawing from classic horror films like The Shining, Psycho and The Exorcist, BAD DREAMS features various hand-made quilts stitched with visions of fear and comfort.

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Neo-Dandy Aaron Smith’s Beardos Go Coast To Coast

The flashiness and modern style of his painting is funneled beautifully through his appropriation of 19th Century portraiture.

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{Exhibit} Sylvia Ziemann's Mini-Houses

Sylvia Ziemann’s Mini-Houses

Sylvia Ziemann’s latest installation sheds light on the state of our own security, or (In)Security as she refers to it.

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UK Art News: ‘Resilience And Light’ at the Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair

One of the most exciting contributions will be a striking exhibition by Palestinian artists from Gaza. Their works speak to the themes of resilience and light.

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Jordan eagles HEMOGLYPHS--SOLO EXHIBITION, Brooklyn New York, painting

Art News: Jordan Eagles’ HEMOGLYPHS

This exhibition proposes a visual language based on metaphysical and corporal meanings and multi-panel arrangements using blood as the primary medium.

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{Exhibit} Sexual Differences: Queerness and Masculinity

{Exhibit} Sexual Differences: Queerness and Masculinity

Gallerywest’s latest exhibit featured paintings and photographs from Randal Fedje, a Saskatchewan-born artist now residing in Toronto.

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