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June 26, 2012

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Video Joints: An Audiovisual Experience of the Subconscious

A Branch is Too Big to Come Out of a Twig is the joint project of two outlets, Regina-based collective Turner Prize and Chicago-based artist veteran, Steve Reinke.

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Living In A Mannequin’s World

Identity is an umbrella term that dictates value through behavioural scripts, tailored communication and cues. Our social identity can feel like a worked-in jacket or a brand new pair of socks depending on how we internalize and what we select to externalize.

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The Metropolis Self: Exhibit On Urban Exploration

An art exhibit presented by gallerywest (1332 Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada)

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Art Spotlight: Parkdale’s Resurgence of Contemporary Artistry

As a modest gallery welcoming daily banter and gawkers, the news of its sudden removal from the area was disappointing, but not for too long.

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