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January 22, 2014

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Classic Tractor

Tom and Gerry share a few pints and talk tractor life.

Fiction, Literature

Two Men and a Gun

A man finds himself sharing a train compartment with a suspicious-looking stranger.

Fiction, Literature

Living and Dreaming with Carla Bedini

"About my biography, there is not much to say... I'm italian and I'm an artist." - Carla Bedini

Art, Art Shouts

The Zouch Pamphlet, Uncategorized

Naturayarte’s Layers of Natural Beauty

The works below are called Naturayarte by Spanish artist Lorenzo Durán. They showcase layers of beauty. The original layer crafted by Mother Nature, juxtoposed with...

Art, Art Shouts

Art Shots: The Paper Graveyard by Herbert Pfostl

Herbert Pfostl (b.1968) is an Austrian artist. He is a self-described painter of animals, plants and saints.

Art, Art Shouts

Style Dossiers: FORM US WITH LOVE Challenges Conventions

A design studio based out of Stockholm whose innovative approach to “challenge the conventional through design initiatives” has gained recognition across Europe.

Art, Culture, Design, Style

Dan Mangan Enraptures His Utrecht Audience…

...But You Could Be Anywhere. Music doesn’t care where you are, it only cares that you listen.

Interviews, Musicians

INCEPTION: In 60 Seconds (a short film)

Shot frame-by-frame, this version of "Inception" stars vintage paper cut-outs and somehow makes the original seem more and less confusing at the same time.

Art, Digital, Film

The Evolution of the Water Spa: The Modern Day

Culture, Nostalgia, Style

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